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There’s just a small number of cooperative and mutually-owned businesses in New Zealand

Yet their contribution to the economy is huge

They range from a cooperative of travel retailers with around 20 members, through the dairy co-op which is by far the country’s largest commercial business with 10,500 farmer members, to a cooperative bank which has more than 128,000 members.

Cooperatives employ 43,000 people directly, and employment by the farms and shops that are co-op members is well into six figures. Together, co-ops are responsible for 3 percent of GDP.

For the year 2010–11, the 40 largest cooperatives and mutuals in New Zealand had a collective turnover/revenue of more than $39bn, and represented just under 10 per cent of the Deloitte/Management magazine list of New Zealand’s 200 largest businesses

The country’s five largest cooperatives are to be found in the International Cooperative Alliance/EURICSE World Cooperative Monitor list of the world’s 300 largest co-ops and mutuals.

To say that cooperative and mutual business is important here is an understatement. Member-owned businesses whose membership shares are not traded on the stock exchange, some keep a low profile. An increasing number, though, are seeing that being a cooperative or a mutual is an advantage to be actively promoted, and do so.

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