2020 – The Year Ahead!!

2020 – The Year Ahead!!

2020 is an awaking to the challenges we face nationally and globally. Watching what is happening in Australia along with international tensions escalating, it gives an appreciation of how fragile we are to powers beyond our control. However, for such a small nation we play a significant role in driving change and are often at the forefront for other nations.

With this in mind,  2020 is a new decade where we go in with eyes wide open. Now more so than ever before the time for collaboration and cooperation (which are so fundamental to who you are); in business, culture and mind set, stands you in great stead! I look forwards to working with you on what lies ahead.

So what does this mean for Co-operative Business NZ? The Board and myself have taken a hard look at our strategy and are in the process of completing a business reset to ensure the services available to our members meet your needs. So great things to look forward to in 2020 and beyond… Key highlights for the year ahead (please put these dates/initiatives in the diary and support us to enable supporting you).

  • LEADERS FORUM  (co-hosted by Rabobank) – 19th March – Mystery Creek (book now). Be prepared to hear from thought leaders, share in developing solutions on key issues and network with your peers. For our members Directors and executive teams. Programme to be sent out shortly.
  • GOVERNANCE TRAINING17th / 18th March (book now) for current sitting Board members. Hosted directly prior to the Leaders Forum in the mighty Waikato (limited spots available). http://nz.coop/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Co-op-Governance-Accelerator-Programme-2-day-18th-and-19th-March-2020-Brochure2.doc
  • MEMBERS PANEL – Wendy Hammond (Food Stuffs NI), Matt Bolger (Fonterra), Stefan Azzopardi (Southern Cross) have kindly stepped up on your behalf to sit on a cross sector members panel to provide feedback on Coop Business NZ’s services. Our first meeting is scheduled this month so please feed in your key messages.
  • NZ COOP SECTOR RESEARCH (last undertaken in 2017). We are looking to update this research on NZ’s Coop’s, Mutuals and Societies. We will send out sponsorship package details in due course.
  • LEADERSHIP TRAINING (19th & 20th May 2020 – CHC) – ’Leader as Coach’. We hosted our first Leadership Training Course in November 2019. Thank-you to those organisations who sent attendees to enable gaining feedback. We have now tailored the course specifically towards our member’s needs (target audience senior leaders with direct reports).
  • COOP CONFERENCE (July 2020 – AKL) – a new event to enable peer to peer engagement across our members senior leadership teams. This will focus on addressing key issues / solutions. More on this soon…
  • SATISFACTION SURVEY – Thank-you to those of you who’ve completed the survey. We will look to follow-up any outstanding responses with a 10 minute feedback call to enable base lining our services. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    • We have joined forces with highly regarded trainers Janine Smith and Jo Guy to extend our governance training programme to include a 6 month tailored in-house / distance training programme where members can develop their governance skills and capability. More information to follow.
    • We are now partnering with the IOD to offer Board Observers positions. More details to follow.
  • MEMBERS CONNEX – we are in the process of transitioning across to this SaaS platform to enable better supporting our members. Members Connex has kindly sponsored us with this initiative. Please be patient while we put in place a new CRM, website, event management and payment system. It’s all part of improving our service offering.

For more information on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We are building a fantastic team who are passionate about your businesses to enable delivery of our services. I’ll look to introduce them to you in the near future.

Here’s to a successful 2020. I am really looking forwards to getting to know each of you personally and seeing how we can maximise value to your businesses and for yourselves.

Together we thrive!

Roz Henry