Find a selection of webinar recordings on a range of topics which, thanks to the members and subject matter experts who have run them in collaboration with us, can be accessed complimentary.

How to streamline your co-op share registry obligations while increasing engagement with members - webinar with Orchestra

In September 2021, we hosted a webinar with Corporate Associate Member, Orchestra. The session covered share registry obligations for co-operatives, member engagement and co-operative transparency and communication. Thanks to Orchestra, you can now watch this session, complimentary. 

Watch below:

To learn more about Orchestra or to talk further with Keegan, head here, or download information on 'Orchestra and Co-ops' here.

Accessing funding and capital for co-operatives - webinar with Syndex

This webinar was hosted with Syndex where we discuss options for accessing capital as a co-operative and answers questions such as:
- What are the pros and cons of bank debt?
- What are the other options available?
- How do they work within the co-operative principles?

Watch below:

Demystifying pastoral health care in the workplace - webinar with Lifeline Aotearoa

As a business leader, having the right insights and practical techniques to support your teams in the workplace, particularly on the topic of pastoral care, plays a critical role in ensuring your team's success.

This business webinar delivered by Lifeline Aotearoa gives you an inside look at the latest research and tools that can help you cultivate a high-performing and rewarding working environment.

Watch below: