Benefits for co-operatives

The Trust Alliance NZ is a non-profit membership organisation, who is focused on enhancing the primary sector through data interoperability and data sharing.  

The objective is to build trust and value between the primary industry, retailers, brand owners and government in order to preserve and enhance its global and domestic competitiveness through developing and providing a data sharing framework.

The decentralised technology such as tools and protocols enable the users to share data in a permissioned and self-controlled way. 

  • Capture data once
  • Share, when required in trustworthy permissioned way
  • Control data always 
  • Enhance data ownership and easy management

For the benefit of: 

  • Transform the selling narrative from brand promise to brand proof.
  • Turn compliance work into real value.
  • Prove reduced environmental impact.
  • Show evidence of good management practice. 
  • Ensure and increase international market access. 
  • Unlock better financial access.

The key opportunity is achieving data interoperability in a trustworthy way, which is easy to use and control by the different parties across the value chain. It will help strengthen NZ’s Primary Industry and drive sustainability through productivity and improved decision making. It will assist consumer purchasing with improved information regarding the provenance, evidence of sustainability, food safety and other attributes that influence buyer behaviour.

A starting point is to turn compliance work into a value-added activity for the sector through better data interoperability and digital automation that reduces replication of data entry, compliance costs, provides trust/ evidence, achieves and promotes better environmental outcomes and improves efficiency with enhanced data sovereignty. â€‹

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Key contact details

Chris Claridge â€“ Chair 
Klaeri Schelhowe â€“ Executive Director