Advocacy is key

Advocating on behalf of co-operative and mutual businesses is one of the most important activities of Cooperative Business NZ.

As a member of Cooperative Business NZ, you can be confident that the co-operative business model will be fully supported and promoted via the media and at various forums and meetings that are held across NZ business.

Cooperative Business NZ Members will have their interests championed and supported including that in relation to upcoming new legislation and regulations, compliance requirements and other legal matters. Backed by some of the best specialist legal advice in the country, we engage with political decision-makers and government officials on a range of co-operative and mutual enterprise-related issues.

We’re here to get the best outcomes for our Members.

Overall advocacy strategy:

Drive advocacy for the co-operative business model and co-op sector itself through the utilisation of shared knowledge with courage and passion.

Key advocacy goals:

  • Drive a good understanding of the NZ co-operative business model, and co-operatives themselves, as held by the NZ public.
  • Foster a positive and supportive approach from the NZ media towards co-operatives, the co-operative business model and its principles.
  • Provide a strong collective voice across the co-op sector.
  • Become the leading industry association across NZ business as measured by membership growth, member feedback, public awareness and feedback, the content and key messages within mediaarticles, and the level of government department and agency support.

Advocacy actions:

  • Create networks of experts who can provide advice and guidance to CBNZ and its Members including towards legislative changes and market opportunities.
  • Proactively advocate for the co-operative business model with any legislative changes that could affect our Members.
  • Write meaningful and timely articles that get placed in mainstream newspapers, industry publications, on CBNZ and Member websites, and on LinkedIn profiles.
  • Provide more live interviews on radio while seeking exposure on TV.
  • Research and share via LinkedIn relevant and interesting articles about CBNZ’s Members, the co-op business sector, possible legislative changes affecting co-ops, opportunities arising from NZ government initiatives, the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how the co-operative business model, and co-ops themselves, best support these goals being met by 2030, ICA initiatives including those of ICA Members based overseas etc.
  • Leverage the size and strength of our current Members and supporters.
  • Grow the use of the word “Co-operative” in company names, media titles and content, business advertising, media interviews and general discussion.
  • Rally strength in support from key individuals who are willing to assist CBNZ in defending the co-op business model and its principles publicly.
  • Utilise ICA / overseas studies for relevant information to highlight and promote the co-op business model.

Please contact Chief Executive Craig Presland for more information.