Co-op Amongst Co-ops

“Co-operation amongst Co-operatives” is one of the 7 key Rochdale Principles and all of our Members have the opportunity to work together in the pursuit of mutually beneficial business outcomes. Collaboration is a key ingredient in achieving enduring success and operating effectively within the co-operative business model.

NZ’s Co-operatives, Mutuals and Societies currently represent approx. one fifth of NZ’s economy based on revenue, employ over 50,000 New Zealanders and serve over 1.4 million New Zealanders as Members. We represent a very large “Co-op Family” that has considerable scale in terms of buying power as well as diversity across a wide range of industries. All Cooperative Business NZ Members have the opportunity to drive greater collaboration within the Family so that mutually beneficial outcomes eventuate. 

Here we see 6 key areas for collaboration:

1. Purchase of products and / or services from other Co-ops (including mutual and societies) at mutually beneficial terms and conditions.

2. Selling of products and / or services to other Co-ops at mutually beneficial terms and conditions.

3. Sharing of information so that duplication is avoided, efficiencies improve, costs are reduced and market size/share increases.

4. Sharing of resources to complement respective peak and low season volumes, avoid duplication, lower costs etc.

5. Combining purchasing requirements with another Member(s) so that Members are able to leverage on increased volumes, lower costs and improve terms and conditions with suppliers.

6. Establishing a shared support services function with another Member(s) so that duplication is avoided, admin costs reduce and service delivery improves eg. finance, procurement, supply chain, ICT.

A summary of products and services provided by Cooperative Business NZ’s current Members, as well as existing and possible future collaborative opportunities within the Co-op Family, can be found on the spreadsheet below:

Summary of Current Member Products and Services

Joint award celebrates co-operation

Shareholder Relations Manager, Clark Taylor (Silver Fern Farms) and Director Strategy and Communications, Colm Hamrogue (Farmlands) collected the joint Co-operation Amongst Co-operatives award in recognition of the co-ops’ joint governance training initiative, To the Core. This award takes its name from one of the co-operative movement’s founding seven Rochdale Principles.