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If you’re looking for resources on how to establish a co-operative in New Zealand, you’ve come to the right place! Explore our free guides below.



Our popular Start-Up Guide resources are the ideal companions for those interested in the business model to gain a good grasp on the steps required to make their co-operative dream a reality.

Thanks to the support of Corporate Associate Member Anderson Lloyd and the Companies Office, we are pleased to offer these complimentary resources to anyone who would like to learn more about establishing or joining a co-operative or mutual in New Zealand.

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This resource explores insights and advice on how to best go about your co-operative journey. It has been created for individuals and groups who are in the early-mid stages of their co-operative business journey, be it those who are at the idea stage, those who are on their way to becoming a co-operative and those who have been operating for a few years. 

The video resource features insights and advice from David Goodman, Partner at Anderson Lloyd, Lindsay Esler, CEO, NZ Truffles Association, Sarah Trotman, CEO, Business Mentors NZ, and Roz Henry, CEO, Cooperative Business NZ.

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Start up Templates

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If you’re not ready to tackle the full Start Up Guide, you can download smaller bite-sized guides instead below.

What is a co-operative? Co-operative Start Up Guide

What is a co-operative?

We’re thrilled that you are exploring more about the world of co-operatives. This resource provides you with the foundational knowledge of the business model, how it differs from other business structures, and the relevant New Zealand legislation.  

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Is the co-operative right for me? Co-operative Start Up Guide

Is a co-operative the right model for our business?

Have you identified an opportunity for a group of people/members to collectively work together? The next step in your journey is considering whether you need to establish a formal legal entity and, if so, whether the co-operative model will best meet the needs of the group.  

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Establishing a co-operative. Co-operative Start Up Guide

Establishing a co-operative

If you are ready to take the next step, this resource explores the important steps required to get your business off the ground. How to draft up your feasibility study and business case to assist you in gaining members and funding.

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Successful operation of a co-operative. Co-operative Start Up Guide.

Successful operation of a co-operative

It’s time to execute on your plans! This resource provides you with a basic roadmap to ensuring the ongoing success of your co-operative. 

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