Collaboration at core of worker-owned co-op

Collaboration at core of worker-owned co-op

Loomio is an app that helps people have discussions and make decisions together.


Founded in 2012, NZ-based Loomio is open source software, built by a worker-owned cooperative social enterprise.

Executive Director, Michael Elwood-Smith, says Loomio believes that more groups practising effective, inclusive decision-making can change organisational dynamics at a global scale.

“We envision a better experience of collaboration that feels great, and achieves better outcomes with less time and effort. Loomio exists to make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to participate in decisions that affect their lives,” Michael says.

Collaborate purposefully

Turn discussion into action and include quiet, diverse and remote people.

Save precious time

Fewer meetings, less email and better use of your precious time together.

Keep a record

Transparent, searchable archive of discussion and decisions made.

Use Loomio for…


Improve communication in your board, trust or committee. Share info and make decisions between meetings.

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Self-managing teams thrive on Loomio. A safe place for teams to have productive discussions and make decisions together.

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Engage people on issues they care about. Increase participation, and move conversations to action.

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“Loomio helps your group to make better decisions together”


Trusted by thousands of groups worldwide

“Loomio saves us thousands of pounds every year.”

– Austen Cordasco, Co-operative Assistance Network, UK

Helping UK Cooperatives Thrive

“With Loomio everyone feels like they own the decision.”

– Jo Bridger, Lush, UK

“Loomio has led to better decisions, higher engagement, fewer meetings, and faster implementation.”

– James Bloemendal, Ian Martin Group, Canada