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We’re thrilled to have you coming onboard as a Corporate Associate Member of Cooperative Business NZ. To complete the process, please fill in the following application form. 

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    These can include your usual offers/services and/or any additional Cooperative Business NZ member-exclusive offerings (we will discuss these with you before we advise the wider membership)
    Eg. Marketing/Comms Manager, HR Manager, Executive Assistant Please note: This information will be used only for direct communications relating to their role if/when it involves the Corporate Associate Member relationship with us. We will not automatically add these people to receive our marketing emails until they have opted-in to these.
    As a member of Cooperative Business NZ, we agree to abide by the Cooperative Business NZ Constitution. I understand that Cooperative Business NZ’s financial year runs from the 1 June – 31 May, and that membership invoices will be sent out on the 1 June with an annual increase based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). I understand that Cooperative Business NZ will request invoices be paid in a timely manner to ensure the continuation of services. As a member of Cooperative Business NZ, we agree to operate in a manner that will not bring the membership into disrepute.

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    Our Corporate Associate Members

    Explore the other Corporate Associate Members and the page where we will be showcasing your organisation once your application is processed.

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    Our Full Members

    Explore our Full Members who your organisation will be able to get it’s name in front of as a Corporate Associate Member.

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    Our Constitution

    We are governed and operate according to our Constitution. This was adopted by our members at the 2020 AGM. 

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    A reminder on

    what you’ll get

    • Member-rates to yearly calendar of events and training
    • Ongoing promotion to our wider membership of your expertise, services or products through EDMs, website, social platforms, and at events and training programmes
    • Opportunity to put forward your thought-leaders or business specialists to participate as a panellist or presenter at relevant forums and summits
    • Attend round-table discussions and Industry Forums on topical issues
    • Promote one-off offers or new programmes of work with our membership
    • Develop and deliver, in partnership with us, webinar content relevant to your expertise
    • Attend regional and national networking events
    • Opportunity to sponsor flagship events to raise further awareness amongst our network
    • Dedicated page on the Cooperative Business NZ website to showcase your business
    • Access to all resources and knowledge library