Baycorp: The easy solution for debt recovery

Baycorp: The easy solution for debt recovery

Established in 1956, New Zealand-based Baycorp means a great deal to businesses, co-ops and mutuals included, as the go-to solution to help with non-payment from debtors.

Baycorp’s experience, processes and people help its clients to unlock debt, with robust credit reporting, in-house specialist legal action and field services options.

This all adds up to a full debt management service – backed by the most substantial and comprehensive database in New Zealand and Australia.

Working with businesses from all sectors and sizes, from banks to sole traders, the Kiwi company has six decades worth of experience “tailoring the response to improve cash flow and protect earnings”.

With 13 branches across NZ, Baycorp works to create enduring client partnerships in order to be the most effective, says Baycorp’s Geoff Fairburn.

“We fundamentally believe people, on the whole, want to repay their debts and move on positively. That sometimes it’s not about the money. And that by first engaging to understand the situation and problems, we are more likely to solve them.”

For more information about how Baycorp can help your business, call 0800 229 267 or email

Cooperative Business NZ Chief Executive Craig Presland says Baycorp became our first Corporate Associate Member in September 2016.

Craig encourages Members to check out Baycorp’s website and the Co-operation Amongst Co-operatives’ page to click on the Member products and services spreadsheet.