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Our new Leadership Development in a Co-operative Environment programme is a great professional development opportunity for all Cooperative Business NZ Full and Provisional Members.

As the name suggests, this new two-day programme looks at developing leadership skills in a co-operative environment, providing Leader-as-Coach tools and techniques, skills, tools and processes.

Building on highly successful courses delivered by ieRetail across New Zealand, Leadership in a Co-operative Environment will be presented by ieRetail Managing Director Jean Du Rand, a retail expert who has worked with several NZ co-operatives throughout his distinguished, multi-national career.


5th – 6th September 2019

Farmlands Board Room,



Organisational Leadership requires, at its core, strong Personal Leadership. And Personal Leadership requires at its heart, a healthy curiosity and the competitive advantage that is “speed to truth”.


Who should attend?

The target audience is middle to senior management, leaders responsible for teams or developing people capability, plus those who seek to develop their people and organisational leadership skills. On completion of this programme, delegates will have the necessary tools to:

  1. Use Line of Sight thinking to energize teams and organisations
  2. Engage people with an Energy Execution Model (what/why/how)
  3. Recognise the critical messages in leaders’ decision-making
  4. Set high standards of performance and behaviour with teams so they know what is expected of them
  5. Coach teams effectively in all situations, including leading difficult conversations
  6. Remove organisational “white noise” and develop essentialism as a workplace priority
  7. Embed change and training initiatives so the organisation gets a return on its investment
  8. Create action plans… to take all the good ideas back into one’s own environment.


Programme Content

  • Leading in a co-operative organisation, co-operative business model, co-operative ‘heartbeat’
  • Line of Sight leadership and the Decision Compass
  • The rules of Essential Thinking – pursuing less, but better
  • Team engagement in the WHAT/ WHY/ HOW model
  • Prioritizing activities and navigating the conundrum of choice
  • The concept of stewardship
  • Developing economic, environmental and social sustainability
  • Setting high standards of performance and behaviour within your team
  • Coaching principles and dealing with difficult conversations

  • Embedding leadership change and the real levers of ROI
  • Lead and Lag metrics of co-operative performance
  • Leading the development of action plans

NZ Co-op clients of i.e.Retail in recent years:

Mitre10’s former CEO, Neil Cowie provided the following feedback:

“This has been an excellent two days. I would go so far as to say ‘the best I have seen in my 30 years in retail’. World class and very relevant. This is a game changer for our people. In my opinion, the Store Master simulator is a world class training tool and I want to congratulate you on its development”

Evening – dinner

This will provide an opportunity for network-building, to further develop some of the themes from the day, exchange practical experiences and build on the relationships that participants will have started to develop during the first day.


Workshop Format

This programme will be delivered by ieRetail Managing Director, Jean Du Rand.

Jean’s extensive background is in merchandise, operations, strategy and HR in the retail industry. He has worked in Australia, South Africa and NZ and, more recently, in Europe and the USA, as the client base of ieRetail has expanded.

Jean provides board-level advice to NZ retailers, large and small, including several co-operatives.  He is regularly called upon to advise company heads on strategy and act as a sounding board for new initiatives. He is a guest lecturer for Massey University’s Retail Degree programme and sits on its industry advisory board. He was also recently elected to the Retail NZ governing body.



Jean Du Rand holds degrees in Industrial Psychology, Clinical Psychology and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management.



Class Size Special Price for Members
We have found that for maximum effectiveness, an ideal class size for a programme of this nature is about 18, with a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 20.

This is big enough to allow for a range of views and experiences while remaining small enough for everyone to participate effectively.

Cooperative Business NZ Members: $995 plus GST

(Non-Members: $1,295 plus GST)

All meals and refreshments are free of charge including a group dinner for all attendees after the first day.  The cost of travel and accommodation is to be met by the course participants.