Co-operative Business of the Year


Fonterra Shareholders' Council Chair Duncan Coull, pictured, collected the 2017 Co-operative Business of the Year award in recognition of Fonterra’s significant and positive impact within the co-operative community.

August 10th, 2017|

Note: since the Annual Awards Dinner, Fonterra has released a video in which its GM Industry Affairs, Jo Finer, talks about the importance of co-operatives to NZ and what it is like working in a co-operative:




Watch this introductory video to learn more about this country’s largest co-operative, the global dairy nutrition company Fonterra – owned by 10,500 New Zealand farmers and their families.

Fonterra’s Co-operative Philosophy:

  1. Shares in Fonterra Co-operative Group can only be held by supplying shareholders.
  2. Fonterra supplying shareholders agree to the dual commitment to supply milk and invest capital.
  3. Supplying shareholders will be issued and must hold co-operative shares in proportion with their total milk solids supplied.
  4. Control of Fonterra is exercised by its supplying shareholders who have voting rights in proportion to their total milk solids supplied.
  5. Financial benefits and obligations that arise from cornerstone activities are allocated to supplying shareholders in proportion to their total milk solids supplied.

How these Principles are applied:

Maintain co-operative culture

  • Fonterra exists for the mutual benefit and sustainability of its supplying shareholders.
  • Fonterra is committed to co-operative ownership of cornerstone activities.
  • Transactions between Fonterra and its supplying shareholders must be transparent and fair.
  • Supplying shareholders acknowledge that Fonterra must act in the collective good of all supplying shareholders.

Accept all shareholders’ milk

  • Fonterra will collect all supplying shareholders milk that meets the Terms and Conditions of Supply.
  • Fonterra must provide supplying shareholders with timely, transparent and economic signals as to the value of their milk.
  • Fonterra will provide supplying shareholders with timely, relevant information and services to help manage their respective businesses.

Maximise sustainable returns

  • Supplying shareholders invest in the collection, processing and marketing of their milk to enhance its value.
  • Fonterra’s principle purpose and priority focus is to maximize the sustainable vale of supplying shareholders’ milk.
  • Payout is of primary importance to meeting supplying shareholder needs.
  • Economic sustainability is fundamental to ensuring the co-operative’s longevity.


Inform, Educate and Consult

  • Fonterra will keep supplying shareholders well informed in a timely, transparent and balanced manner consistent with their status as owners of the company.
  • Fonterra will consult fully with supplying shareholders before implementing any significant changes that impact upon shareholders.
  • Well informed supplying shareholders can and should participate actively in their co-operative.
  • The commitment to inform, educate and promote the benefits of the co-operative extends to all stakeholders.