Fonterra’s drive for true sustainability

Fonterra’s drive for true sustainability

Economic, environmental and social sustainability is at the core of the co-operative business model while having a sustainable co-operative is one of three core platforms for Fonterra’s strategy, writes Cooperative Business NZ CEO Craig Presland. In many ways it is the most vital as well as the most challenging, he says.

“Fonterra has a strong heritage of respecting NZ’s natural resources and working with them to produce quality pasture-based milk and nutritional dairy products.

“Our largest co-op has had to be proactive and change as times have changed, recognizing the importance of sustainability and the role that it plays in ensuring long term economic, environmental and social contributions both here in NZ and globally,” Craig says.

Fonterra has recently released its Sustainability Report for the year ending 31 July 2018, this referencing the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and Fonterra’s contribution towards helping to meet 10 of these Goals across the areas of dairying (on-farm), operations (manufacturing and supply chain) and consumption.

It has listed 21 contributions on page 21 of the full Report, including the following:

  • Create positive employment opportunities along the value chain
  • Lift productivity to meet growing nutritional needs
  • Ensure equal participation opportunities for women in the workforce
  • Reduce the impact of farming and manufacturing on water quality and ecosystems
  • Manage and use natural resources efficiently
  • Reduce food waste through the supply chain
  • Reduce waste generation through operations and product packaging
  • Support farmers to build resilience to climate change
  • Reduce emissions across the supply chain

“The report is very impressive, as is the work being done by Fonterra in their pursuit of true sustainability across their value chain from pasture to end consumption.”

Craig Presland

CEO, Cooperative Business NZ

7th December 2018