Membership type

Full membership

Operating under the co-operative principles? We’d love to welcome you onboard. Take your business to the next level by joining the largest network of co-operative and mutual business in New Zealand.

Full Member Benefits

What you’ll get

  • Member-rates to yearly calendar of events and training
  • Participate in advocacy and lobbying efforts relevant to your organisation
  • Invitation, where appropriate, to attend advocacy-focussed meetings with Ministers, government officials and regulators
  • Participate in the Annual Awards programme, a well-recognised and highly-regarded awards programme that recognises outstanding businesses and leaders in the co-operative sector
  • Opportunity for your senior executives, directors and subject matter experts to participate as panellists at forums and summits
  • Take part in the Co-op Leader Conversation series, raising awareness of your leaders and organisation’s current programmes of work
  • Attend round-table discussions and Industry Forums on topical issues
  • Tap into our network of specialists through Corporate Associate Member services
  • Free webinar attendance on specialist topics
  • Attend regional and national networking events alongside the wider cooperative community
  • Access all of our research, resources and knowledge library, which can be used for the benefit of your own strategic planning, onboarding, staff or member recruitment programmes
  • Tap into the International Cooperative Alliance resources

Ready to join us?

Application process

Full Members have to be operating under the co-operative principles which means applications need to be approved before you can begin utilising membership services.

A pre-application form provides us with the initial information required for approval. Once approved, you will then be able to complete a full application form, which will set your organisation up with everything you need to start taking advantage of our services.