Health 2000

Health 2000

Alan-Morpeth_editedHealth 2000 is a successful co-operative on rise with a bold new logo in place, a new store concept about to be unveiled and a strong e-commerce platform under development.

New Zealand’s first stop health shop, Health 2000 has looked after the natural health needs of Kiwis since 1993.

Managing Director Alan Morpeth, pictured, says Health 2000 were initially attracted by the capital raising model in choosing to operate as a co-op.

“We were a public company operating a composite buying group in which we collected rebates on behalf of our members. We needed more capital and decided it would be easier to retain a portion of the rebates collected.

“It also suited our culture – when we took the proposal to become a co-operative to our members many thought that they were already part of a co-op, so while we may not have technically been one we operated as one in respect of the relationship we have with members.”

Alan says the co-operative’s buying power and marketing prove the greatest value to members.

“Members receive a rebate from dealing with a group of preferred suppliers and have the benefit of being part of a national brand. We have a supply team that continually looks for new products that provide a point of difference at value for customers and we have a marketing team that grows the market place by educating customers about natural health.

“We also provide a training programme for our stores that includes management, sales, nutrition, human resources and health and safety.

Alan says joining Cooperative Business NZ was a logical decision to learn more about the co-operative model’s advantages.

“We felt we were doing some good things as a co-operative but wanted to learn more to make sure we were performing well. Our board attended a training course which we thought was very valuable.”

On the topic of governance, Health 2000 has four member-elected directors, two independent directors and a managing director appointed by the board.

“We have an excellent board that obtains a very good balance between ensuring an adequate ROI on members’ capital and incurring cost within the co-op to the benefit of our member stores.

“We also have a very capable management team. Each year the services to members improve, their expectations then increase and we aim to exceed them again,” he says.