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Welcome to our Knowledge Library. Here you will find an online hub for our in-house publications, resources, case studies, webinar recordings and interview series. We’re regularly updating content so check back regularly to see what’s new.

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Cooperative Business NZ publications

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Co-operative Start Up Guide

The ideal resource for those interested in the business model to gain a good grasp on the steps required to make their co-operative dream a reality.

The guide was produced with the assistance of Corporate Associate Member Anderson Lloyd and the NZ Companies Office.

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New Zealand landscape

New Zealand Co-operative Economy Report 2021

Completed with the support of PwC, the 2021 report details New Zealand’s co-operatives’ significant contribution to our economy.

This research aims to build on the 2017 report.

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New Zealand landscape

New Zealand Co-operative Economy Report 2017

The 2017 report was the first time New Zealand’s co-operative economy was mapped comprehensively. It revealed the sector’s significance in revenue, jobs, and membership, as well as apparent differences between New Zealand’s and other co-operative economies.

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co-operative & mutual


We aim to showcase various success stories, insights and lessons from other co-operatives and mutuals across a range of sectors. Our case study library is still growing so check back regularly. If you have some interesting lessons to share with the wider co-operative community, we would love to hear from you

NZPM (Plumbing World)

NZPM and their sustainability journey

Learn more about Full Member NZPM Co-operative’s (known to many of you as Plumbing World) sustainability journey and gain insights into how you can implement their learnings into your business’s journey.

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NZ Truffles

A journey to becoming a co-operative

This case study sets out the various actions taken to enable the establishment of a co-operative, using NZ Truffle Co-operative as an example.

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guides for individuals & groups starting out

Co-operative start up resources

If you’re looking for resources on how to establish a co-operative in New Zealand, you’ve come to the right place!

We have a range of free guides available including the popular Start Up Guide alongside bite-sized resources that break this Guide into more manageable chunks. 

Paired with the case studies and video interviews found on this page, these resources should give you a great starting base for everything you need to make your co-operative business idea into a reality. 

Mike Brown Profile

hear from leaders in the field

Co-op Leader conversations and Q&As

Our Co-op Leader Conversations and our Q&A series is highly-popular. We sit down for an informal conversation with business leaders from across the community who talk us through their insights about the business model, their latest initiatives, challenges and learnings. Explore the latest editions below.

NZPM Case Study

Prof Maryline Filippi

Board Member, ICA Europe/ICA Global

Maryline discusses how European and French co-operatives are facing the global challenges arising from climate change and the delivery of their sustainability responsibilities to achieve ESG and SDG requirements.

NZPM Case Study

David Chin


David discuss everything about the benefits of being a co-operative, his journey into his current role, how intrinsic agri co-ops are to New Zealand’s economy and more.

NZPM Case Study

Chris Harrop

GM, Pareto Toolbox

Chris discusses the importance of project portfolio governance alongside general digital transformation and supply chain topics relevant to co-operative business in particular.

NZPM Case Study

Keith McLaughlin

Managing Director, Centrix

Keith discusses the importance of credit reports and the role they can play in a co-operative’s operations.

NZPM Case Study

Lindsay Esler

CEO, NZ Truffle Association

Hear Lindsay’s vision for the co-operative, current challenges and collaboration opportunities, and words of wisdom for others in the co-operative start-up phase.

NZPM Case Study

Dr Harley Aish

Chair, ProCare

Harley talks about the co-operative, their role within the healthcare landscape, how they’re tackling challenges (particularly Covid) head on, and how they keep their shareholders engaged.

NZPM Case Study

Rob Sharkie

Group CEO, Ruralco

Rob discusses the co-operative; the current challenges they face and how they’re combating these; engagement with their customers/members; and how they are future proofing themselves (particular with Covid in the mix).

NZPM Case Study

Grant Fraser

Chief Legal and Property Office/Executive Sponsor for Sustainability, Mitre 10

Grant discusses the co-operative and the suite of initiatives they have implemented in order to ensure the co-operative’s future, and ongoing value for their members and customers.

NZPM Case Study

Peter Hendry


Hear from Peter who discusses the co-operative and, in particular, how they are navigating Covid-19 and ensuring they keep their shareholders engaged.

subject specialists


We host webinars with a range of subject specialists, leaders and Corporate Associate Members. These cover various topics related to the co-operative and mutual model, the New Zealand and global business environment, and tools that you can use to better your business practice. A selection of these are made available for public viewing.

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Purpose-led Businesses & B Corps

Featuring a panel of subject specialists (Qiulae Wong, BLab Australia & New Zealand; Nicole Nation, Akina; and Tim Jones, Grow Good) we explored the links between co-operatives and B Corp.

Includes a guest presentation form CEO of The Co-operative Bank Mark Wilkshire who discusses their journey to B Corp certification. 

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Agri Co-ops and Climate Change

Hear from Lisa Callagher, Senior Lecturer at the University of Auckland, on her recent award-winning research.

Lisa showcases the findings from the paper ‘How do New Zealand’s agricultural co-operatives positively impact climate change? By getting farmers, managers and scientists in the same room.’

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Starting Up My Co-op

This online forum brought together a group of start-ups and Cooperative Business NZ provisional members.

The discussion focussed around collaboration and how to address and overcome hurdles during the start-up phase.

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Working with partners in New Zealand and internationally, we are proud to deliver in-depth research, reports, data and insights. You can explore these on our Research & Insights page or navigate to your specific interest below.