Benefits for co-operatives

At LBMX, we care about shared prosperity and believe in the power of independent businesses and their buying groups to create sustained economic growth. This belief comes from two decades of providing the world’s leading group focused technology and advisory services to help buying groups, purchasing co-operatives, and their independent businesses flourish.

Our leading B2B platform offers solutions to help independent businesses, their buying groups, and suppliers buy better and sell more by optimising their online trading relationships. LBMX is a global company with headquarters in London, Ontario and presence across Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Our premier solution has transformed billing and ordering, rebate programs management, real-time analytics, e-commerce and product information management across 50+ major industries/geographies.

LBMX Platform provides solutions for:

  • Billing Automation – for Central Billing, Direct Bill and Direct Pay groups
  • Rebate Optimisation
  • E-Commerce Merchandising
  • Product Information Management
  • Analytics

LBMX is a member of numerous Co-operative Associations throughout the world and has contributed regularly to discussions at the International Co-operative Alliance level (ICA). We are fully committed to the New Zealand marketplace and look forward to a renewed partnership with Cooperative Business New Zealand.

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