Our latest Corporate Associate Member, LBMX delivers real-time technology and unrivalled industry expertise to help purchasing co-operatives, buying groups and their independent members harness their buying power. 

The Canada-based multi-national has already helped Ashburton Trading Society (now Ruralco) and ITM, and is looking forward to working with other Kiwi co-ops, mutuals and societies.

“We believe that independent business owners and cooperatives can create sustained economic growth.”

LBMX is a leading provider of technology solutions for purchasing co-operatives, buying groups, members and their suppliers. These solutions comprise rebate management, purchasing analytics, central billing solutions, supplier e-invoicing, member and group e-commerce solutions, national sales, and complete EDI services to assist members and groups to connect to their suppliers.

President and CEO, Greg Dinsdale (pictured), believes in the power of independents and co-operatives.

“This belief statement comes from over a decade of focus, helping buying groups, purchasing co-operatives and their independent members become more effective, more competitive and make better strategic decisions with the power of reliable, accurate, real-time data.”

Greg is a current member of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) Co-operative Round Table and participates regularly in discussions on topics critical to the competitiveness of co-operatives.

LBMX is based in London, Ontario, Canada and has customers throughout Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

LBMX’s initial focus was on the provision of document exchange and web services for purchasing groups, buying groups, suppliers and members in the building material industry in Canada.

After success in Canada, LBMX recognised its solution set was applicable to all purchasing co-operatives and buying groups, regardless of industry sector.

“LBMX became an active member of the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) in Washington D.C. and a key sponsor of its annual Conference for Purchasing Groups,” says Greg.

“It was through this affiliation that we entered the U.S. market where we enjoyed significant success in working with purchasing co-operatives in such diverse sectors as sporting goods, hardwa

In 2009, LBMX became involved in the International Co-operative Alliance and participated in ICA meetings in locations such as Portugal, Geneva, India, the UK and New York.

Greg Dinsdale is a current member of the ICA Co-operative Round Table and participates regularly in discussions on topics critical to the competitiveness of co-operatives.

Jim McMillan says, “filed under ‘Benefits Unconsidered’ is the 16-18-hour time difference between New Zealand and LBMX’s office.

“On first blush, it might be considered cumbersome, but in practice, is quite the opposite.

“The hidden advantage is because LBMX’s North American clients are finishing for the day and won’t be using them as a resource, NZ has our full attention!”

Vice President Client Services and Executive Vice President, Jim McMillan (pictured).

LBMX is currently working with two co-operatives in New Zealand: Ruralco (Ashburton Trading Society) and ITM.

Ruralco (ATS) had an existing legacy system and in mid-2010 made the decision to move to the platform provided by LBMX.

“By September 2010, LBMX’s e-business solution was live at Ruralco (ATS),” mentioned Jim

“Jump ahead one year and the company fully realised the benefits and anticipated returns on its investment. The resources required to manage the card programme dropped from six to three full-time employees who could focus on providing great customer service instead of key punching”.

In July 2013, the LBMX solution would go live for a second time supporting Ruralco (a new joint venture).

“Incredibly, Ruralco increased its already large volume sevenfold without adding any administrative staff,”

“The member purchasing strength of Ruralco opens a whole world of national suppliers – like grocery stores – and means expansion into more regions throughout New Zealand.

“It also allows its massively popular bulk fuel programmes, which provide significant fuel discounts from national companies, to extend their reach, which wouldn’t have been possible under its previous system.”

ITM, in mid-2016, moved from its legacy system to the LBMX platform.

“This opened the door for more operational efficiencies and opportunities to expand its membership offerings,”

“In a very competitive sector in New Zealand, ITM is working closely with LBMX to increase the ability for its members to compete at all levels.”

Greg says LBMX is fully committed to the New Zealand marketplace and looks forward to a renewed partnership with Cooperative Business New Zealand.