Cooperative Business NZ Annual Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award 2023

There are a few outstanding individuals who give of themselves freely, often over the course of their lives, to the co-operative and mutual community. This award ensures they are given the recognition they deserve for their work in ensuring the business model thrives in New Zealand.



    Given the outstanding individuals within the co-operative and mutual sector, many who dedicate themselves to the sector over the course of their lives, we are thrilled to recognise a number of individuals with this award.

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    Danny Hailes

    General Manager Livestock and Shareholder Services at Alliance

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    Murray King

    Chair at LIC

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    Dr Ants Roberts

    Chief Scientist at Ravensdown

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    Mark Wynne

    CEO at Ballance Agri-Nutrients

    Mike Brown Profile

    Lifetime Achievement


    This Award will be presented to an individual that over the long term (10 plus years) has contributed significantly to the success of the co-operative model for a Cooperative Business NZ member organisation, or to the wider New Zealand co-operative sector. 

    This award is not intended to just recognise long service but is to also recognise significant contributions made to developing a member’s co-operative business model and/or to the broader New Zealand co-operative sector. It ensures appropriate recognition is given to individuals who give of themselves freely, often over the course of their careers, to the member-owned community.  

    This award is open to all members of Cooperative Business NZ, regardless of membership type. 

    This award may be presented to more than one individual. 

     Note: This award was previously known as the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Co-operatives’ Award.  

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    Past lifetime achievement award winners

    This award was previously known as the Outstanding Contribution to Co-operatives Award.

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    John DeBernardo

    Former Chair, NZPM
    Inaugural Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2022

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    Chris Black

    Former CEO, FMG
    Outstanding Contibution to Co-operatives 2022

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    Graeme Sutton

    Chair, Provelco
    Outstanding Contibution to Co-operatives 2021

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    Lachie Johnstone

    Former Chair, Farmlands
    Outstanding Contribrution to Co-operatives 2020

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    Prof Nicola Shadbolt

    Chair, Plant & Food; Climate Commissioner; Professor, Massey University
    Outstanding Contribution to Co-operatives 2020

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    John Monaghan

    Former Chair, Fonterra
    Outstanding Contribution to Co-operatives 2020

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    Rob Hewett

    Chair, Silver Fern Farms
    Outstanding Contribution to Co-oepratives 2019

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    Kim DeGarnham

    Former GM, Employee and Support Services/Company Secretary, Foodstuffs SI
    Outstanding Contribution to Co-operatives, 2018

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    Brian Cameron

    Co-operative Pioneer
    Outstanding Contribution to Co-operatives 2017

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    Phil McKendry

    Former Chair, Asburton Trading Society
    Outstanding Contribution to Co-operatives 2016

    Supporting the co-operative & mutual community

    thank you to our sponsors

    The Awards programme is only made possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. Thank you to the following organisations for their support in ensuring our co-operative and mutual businesses and leaders are celebrated and recognised!

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    Principal Sponsor 2023

    Our newest Corporate Associate Member, Cyclone, provides business IT Supply, Strategy & Support Services across NZ. Technology is transforming businesses’ operations. Cyclone helps plan future-ready IT hardware procurement solutions, software licensing, managed IT support and digital skills training that deliver modern solutions and long-lasting value.

    At Cyclone, they take the time to understand your business and how ICT contributes to that vision. Achieving your desired outcomes through technology isn’t always a simple process. But, with over 170 specialised staff employed nationwide, you can give your team the confidence that regardless of the technology being used, Cyclone will provide a purpose-fit solution and work in partnership with you to achieve your technology objectives.

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    Centrix Credit Bureau of New Zealand

    Networking Drinks Sponsor 2023

    Our Corporate Associate Member, Centrix, helps Kiwi businesses with credit checking and identity verification services allowing decision makers to make quick and confident risk assessments and comply with the latest regulations.

    Learn more