Cooperative Business NZ in collaboration with PwC is pleased to present The New Zealand Co-operative Economy (2021) report detailing the significant contribution New Zealand's co-operatives make to our economy. 

This research aims to build on previous research conducted in 2017 titled 'The New Zealand Co-operative Economy' (see this report here) in conjunction with Massey University and The University of Auckland.

Co-operatives have long been part of the fabric of New Zealand. There are fantastic opportunities to work closely with the New Zealand Government, educators and business community to ensure New Zealand's co-operatives continue to thrive. This report also recognises the opportunity for future businesses to be established using the model. It shares why understanding and supporting New Zealand co-operatives is important and how Cooperative Business NZ can implement this with various partners.

Co-operatives, we encourage you to use this report within your organisations as an education and onboarding tool for shareholders and staff. 

For those in academia and education, the findings within the report will be a critical piece for ongoing learning and upskilling on the business model.

Ministers, regulators, officials and business partners, we look forward to using this report as part of our lobbying and advocacy work to partner with you and ensure co-operatives, and the environment they operate in, is optimised and fit for purpose for ongoing sustainability and positive impacts - economically, socially and environment.

Please feel free to share this report with your networks. 


To read the media release accompanying the report, head HERE. To see commentary in the media from the report, head HERE.