Our Evolution since 1981:

1. Steering Committee Formed (April 1981 – Nov 1984)

In 1981, a Steering Committee was established to consider the formation of an industry body supporting and representing NZ’s agricultural co-operatives.

This committee comprised:

  • Peter Elworthy (Chairman, Federated Farmers)
  • Brian Cameron (Deputy Chairman, PPCS – now Silver Fern Farms) – pictured, at right.
  • Alex Wright (Ravensdown)
  • Ian Woolsey (BOP Farmers Trading Society)
  • Rae Jordan (NZ Co-operative Wool Marketing Association)
  • John Graham (Chairman of NZ Dairy Board)

2. NZ Agricultural Co-operatives Association (Nov 1984 – May 1997)

In late 1984, the NZ Agricultural Co-operatives Association was formed.

Board Members

  • Chairman, Brian Cameron, 1984 – 1997, (PPCS)
  • Deputy Chairman, John Falconer, (Alliance Freezing Co.)
  • John Tripp, (NZ Dairy Board)
  • Alex Wright, (Ravensdown Fertilizer Co.)
  • Ian Woolsey, (Bay Farmers Trading Society, now Farmlands)
  • John Heaton, (Nelson Packhouse)
  • Graeme Robertson, (South Island Export Barley Soc.)
  • Rae Jorden, (NZ Co-op Wool Marketing Assn.)
  • Tom McNab, (Farmers Mutual Insurance Group)

Association Secretaries

1984 – 1993:
Frank Ryan, ex NZ Dairy Board

1993 – 1997:
Paul Giles, ex NZ Dairy Board

3. NZ Cooperatives Association (May 1997 to Dec 2012)

May 1997 – June 2005:

Ian Reid, CEO, ex PSIS (now The Co-operative Bank); Peter MacDougall, Alex Wright and Brian Cameron were all Chairmen during this period.

June 2005 – Dec 2012:

Ramsay Margolis, CEO; Blue Read, Chris Knowles, Peter MacDougall and Alex Wright were all Chairmen during this period.

4. Cooperative Business NZ (formed in Dec 2012)

Dec 2012 – Dec 2013:

Ramsay Margolis, CEO

Blue Read, Chairman – pictured, at right.

Jan 2014 – April 2014:

Fiona Gavriel, Acting CEO

Jonathan Lee, Chairman

May 2014 – April 2016:

Ian McIntosh, CEO – pictured, top right.

Jonathan Lee, Chairman

April 2016 to September 2019:

Craig Presland, CEO

Jonathan Lee, Chairman

September 2019 to present day:

Roz Henry, CEO

Jonathan Lee, Chairman

Ian Macintosh