CDC’s priority is excellent customer service, focussing on top “in stock” availability across a full line inventory, dedicated experienced staff plus superior financial returns for its co-operative members. It’s “your partner to a better business” . . .

CDC has its roots in Christchurch where it has been serving pharmacy since 1927. In 2001 a large lower North Island facility was established, catering to the greater Wellington region and in 2012 CDC acquired SMP in Dunedin. The merger in 2014 with PWL Central has expanded CDC’s reach further into the North Island.


Chief Executive Mike Rhodes, pictured, joined CDC as Finance Manager in 1992 and was appointed to the top role in 2009.

“Not only is CDC the wholesaler of choice in the South Island, but with a significant share of the lower and mid North Island market our reach extends to customers from Northland to Southland and into hospitals throughout NZ, both private and DHBs,” says Chief Executive Mike Rhodes.

As the co-op’s website says, the value of being part of a co-operative cannot be overstated.

“At CDC our profits are returned to pharmacies…. that is the co-operative advantage.

“The very nature of a co-operative is that the supplier/customer relationship is mutually rewarding. If the co-operative is successful, the member is successful and vice versa.”

CDC and the pharmacy member work together, ensuring the needs of both can be realised for the benefit of all.

“This is not necessarily so in other supplier/customer relationships where outside investors are more interested in financial returns for themselves than maximising customer benefits.”

CDC is more than a wholesaler, providing a range of free advisory services to members. These include pharmacy brokering, valuations when buying/selling/merging businesses and staffing/locum placement services.