Sheffield: Sourcing, selecting, shaping leaders

Sheffield: Sourcing, selecting, shaping leaders

With a history spanning over 55 years, Sheffield is a trusted adviser to New Zealand’s public, private and co-operative sectors. Their consultants’ experience and expert judgment, combined with proven methodologies, ensure that organisations get the best talent and the best out of their talent.

Their global partnerships with DDI ( and AltoPartners ( ensure access to the best leadership development practices and talent that the world has to offer.

Ian Taylor

Christien Winter

Mike Stenhouse

Executive Search

Sheffield’s dedicated in-house research team supports their trained consultants in fine-tuning the search strategy to the particular needs of each assignment, says Sheffield Executive Director Ian Taylor.

“This is supported by our membership in the AltoPartners Executive Search Worldwide network, which facilitates far-reaching access to international talent.

“Furthermore, we provide additional in-depth evaluative advice through psychometric and behavioural assessments, lending additional value and rigour to decision-making,” says Ian.


Executive Selection

A selection approach relies on talent sourcing techniques to service clients with a swift and focused recruitment process, says Sheffield Executive Director Mike Stenhouse.

“With over five decades in the industry, Sheffield has an extensive executive candidate database, offering not just a collection of resumés, but a wealth of long-term and in-depth evaluative information.

“Our objective approach, sound judgement, together with specialist market knowledge and robust processes, ensures the right result. Furthermore, our consultants’ use of DDI’s Targeted Selection® competency-based interviewing processes, combined with our in-house psychometrics, provide additional assurance in the recruitment process,” says Mike.


Organisation Development

Even with great staff and excellent products and services, organisations need optimised structures, a positive culture and outstanding leadership in order to really perform, says Sheffield Executive Director Christien Winter.

“We combine the research-based solutions of DDI together with our knowledge and expertise of working with major New Zealand organisations.

“We work alongside our clients to drive performance by identifying issues and opportunities for improvement, strengthening culture and building leadership capability,” says Christien.

Cooperative Business NZ Chief Executive, Craig Presland, says he is delighted that one of NZ’s leading executive search firms has been added to the select group of Corporate Associate Members.

“Sheffield has been the leading executive search provider at GM level and above across NZ over the past half century and beyond, including Board of Director roles. Its presence within the Auckland and Christchurch markets has been particularly strong while the Sheffield brand is widely known and highly respected.

“Sheffield has led the search and appointment of many NZ co-operative senior executive in the past – as an example Farmlands Co-operative, with its merger with CRT back in 2013, appointed 30 senior managers at the time utilising Sheffield’s services. (see link)

“We’re delighted to have Sheffield on Board as a Corporate Associate Member adding to the range of services that this type of membership provides to our Co-op Members,” says Craig.