Benefits for co-operatives

Silvereye enjoys working with co-operatives because they understand the power of a collective narrative, and the importance of delivering value to members. Our services include:

  • Crisis and Reputation Management - reputations are fragile, easy to damage and hard to restore. In these uncertain times, Silvereye can help you implement strategies to mitigate risk, manage your reputation and navigate global challenges.
  • Media Relations and Strategic Communications - shaping your story, pitching it to the right audiences and getting the coverage and results you want through Media Relations, Internal Communications, Stakeholder Engagement, Investor Relations, Digital Marketing and Social Media.
  • Government Relations - Silvereye knows how Wellington works. Drawing on decades of experience working in and around the Beehive, we can connect you with key Government decision-makers to help influence change and tell your story. Silvereye can navigate these unprecedented times, it’s more important than ever that businesses consider the timing and manner of their approach to Government. 

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