Safe365 is smart Kiwi software which is rapidly changing the game when it comes to workplace health and safety. Launched in September 2016, the online application assesses your organisation, develops your personalised health and safety action plan and provides you with the support you need to improve.

To put it bluntly, New Zealand has had an appalling history of workplace safety with more than 500 deaths every year from occupational related health issues, costing the national economy upwards of $3.5 billion annually.

It’s no wonder then that the government passed new health and safety legislation in 2015. This bold but essential move has heightened the awareness of organisations about their overall responsibilities when it comes to health and safety – including employees and sub-contractors.

Cooperative Business NZ Chief Executive Craig Presland says this is a big issue for socially responsible co-operatives and mutuals which pride themselves on looking after their workers.

“I met with Mark Kidd, a co-founder of Safe365, recently to get his views on what he has seen as the biggest changes within corporate health and safety here in New Zealand,” says Craig whose interview with Mark appears in his March 9th newsletter to Members.

Safe365 has joined Cooperative Business NZ as a Corporate Associate Member and is offering a discounted subscription rate of 25% for all Members.

Craig says, “The value I see in an offering like Safe365 is that it will allow our Members to take a leadership role within the business community in relation to health and safety which fits well with driving sustainable and enduring businesses, a hallmark of co-operatives globally. Safe 365 offers an outstanding online self-assessment tool that guides businesses towards best practice and compliance within NZ health and safety legislation. This innovative diagnostic tool provides visibility internally and externally so that risk is assessed and appropriate strategies and plans are put in place to mitigate such risks to worker health and safety”.

“Please feel free to call Mark Kidd on 021 800 886, email him at for more details including your discount code, otherwise visit their impressive website: