Strategic Plan Summary for Members

Purpose: Through collective strength, empowering NZ’s co-operatives and mutuals as NZ’s most enduring business model


  • Promote the co-operative and mutual business models
  • Encourage and support NZ co-operative and mutual enterprises
  • Act as the leading representative association for NZ’s co-operatives and mutuals
  • Collect, verify, and publish relevant information relating to co-operative and mutual enterprises
  • Promote discussion and co-operation with decision-makers at all levels of government designed to further the interests of co-operatives and mutuals
  • Facilitate and co-ordinate services, expertise and research in support of the co-operative and mutual business models



Drive advocacy for the co-operative business model and co-operative sector itself through the utilisation of shared knowledge with courage and passion

  • Promote and support the co-op business model along with co-ops and mutuals themselves
  • Foster a positive and supportive approach from local and overseas media towards co-ops and mutuals, along with the co-operative business model and its principles
  • Provide a strong collective voice across the NZ co-operative sector


Value Proposition:

Establishment and delivery of a range of relevant support services to all Members and potential new Members

  • Ensure all Members believe that their annual membership represents value
  • Grow revenues by maintaining Full Members, encouraging new Full and Provisional Members to join, developing a strong base of Individual and Corporate Associate Members
  • Support new start-ups effectively so that they become Provisional and Full Members



Provide entertaining, motivating and relevant events for all current and prospective new Members that are engaging, educational and provide sufficient networking opportunities


External Relations:

Leverage upon the size, diversity, importance and success of the co-operative sector within the local economy

  • Secure senior politicians, along with leading business and entertainment speakers, at the Annual Awards Dinner and Co-operative Business Leaders’ Forum each year
  • Develop stronger relationships with key government officials and agencies
  • Develop stronger relationships with the ICA including improved utilisation of ICA resources so that marketing collateral and other promotional resources are better engaged


Co-operation Amongst Co-operatives:

Develop mutually beneficial outcomes for our Members through effective collaboration

  • Foster and encourage the active supply of products and services between Members at mutually beneficial terms, the aggregation of purchasing requirements so that costs are lowered, and the sharing of information so that collective knowledge improves, duplication is avoided and efficiencies are gained

Vision: The voice of NZ’s co-operatives and mutuals

Values: Co-operative spirit • Challenge boundaries • Do the right thing and do things right • Make it happen

Rochdale Principles: Voluntary and Open Membership • Democratic Member Control • Member Economic Participation • Autonomy and Independence • Continuing Co-op Education and Training • Co-operation amongst Co-operatives • Concern for Communities