Two nominees will fill Board vacancies

Two nominees will fill Board vacancies

Warmest congratulations to Fiona Hancox and Lisa Murray who will join the Board of Cooperative Business NZ shortly. They were successfully nominated to fill the two Director roles which will become vacant immediately following our AGM on 10th August.

Fiona Hancox, above left, and Lisa Murray, above right, will join the Cooperative Business NZ Board in August.

Cooperative Business NZ received two nominations for the two director roles and as both Fiona and Lisa were excellent candidates who more than met the criteria, we will not be conducting a ballot.

Read more about Fiona and Lisa who will join Jonathan Lee (Chair), Christine Burr, Kim DeGarnham, Murray Jagger and Blue Read on the new, seven-member board.

The vacancies arose following the resignation of Karen Kenny who now lives in Australia and the impending retirement of David Shaw who will step down after six years’ excellent service.