Purpose-led Businesses & B-Corps: Webinar

Hear from leading specialists and executives on how purpose-led businesses are leading the way in doing business better across New Zealand.

Purpose-led Businesses & B-Corps: Webinar

We know that co-operative businesses are already leading the way in doing what is best for people and planet…but we also hear a lot about B Corps. How does this align with co-operatives? Can your organisation be both? How can leaders use their B-Corp and co-operative statuses to bring about even more positive change across the economic and social landscape of New Zealand? We’ll answer these questions and more in this webinar. 

This interactive session will feature a panel discussion with specialists in B-corps and co-operatives, a discussion with a leading B-Corp, and ample time for Q&A. 

Guest Speaker

Mark Wilkshire, CEO of The Co-operative Bank

The Co-operative Bank is the first New Zealand bank to become a Certified B Corporation™. Hear from Mark on the co-operative’s experience working towards the certification, and the impact this has had on their members.


Roz Henry, CEO at Cooperative Business NZ
Nicola Nation, CEO at Ākina 
Qiulae Wong, Aotearoa New Zealand Manager at BLab Australia & New Zealand

Facilitated by Tim Jones, CEO of Grow Good.

This panel brings together a diverse group of individuals who are highly experienced in understanding both co-operatives and B-Corps, how the two are aligned, and the impact that they have on society.

Attendance is complimentary. Encourage your Directors, CEO, Senior Executives and relevant department heads to attend. It is set to be a valuable session.