Looking to establish a co-operative or mutual business? Provisional Membership will help get you there. Sign up today to start utilising our services.

Provisional Member Benefits

What you’ll get

  • Member-rates to all events and education programmes
  • Access to Start-Up resources and guides to help get your business off the ground
  • Free attendance to Start-Up and Small Business industry forums
  • Tap into our network of specialists through Corporate Associate Member services
  • Align with us to bolster your early funding or capital raising applications
  • Access to mentors who are well-versed in co-operative businesses and can assist you in the early stages of your business
  • Attend networking sessions alongside our Full members and get connected with the wider co-operative community

Annual Membership Fee: $350

1 June 2024 – 31 May 2025

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Application process

You can purchase Provisional Membership by simply filling in the below application form and completing the online purchase.

You will then be sent a Welcome Pack to help get you started and ready to utilise your new membership.